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What happens after you turn 50? You go on more adventures! There are many things to do, see and learn. I'm looking forward to biking, hiking, kayaking, geocaching, traveling and much more this year and I intend to share all of the adventures with you!

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Music To My Ears

A friend recently posted a challenge to other friends on Facebook. Here is how the post reads: I was given a task by _________ to choose...

It Is Grand

The Grand Canyon is a big beautiful hole in the ground! I vaguely recall seeing it as a small child. Last week I had the opportunity to...

Mail Woes

Email, snail mail, junk mail, other peoples mail and relevant mail. These are the terms I use, especially when I don’t keep up with my...

Spring has Sprung

It’s been a long cold, gloomy winter, but it appears it’s finally over. Here in southwest Missouri we typically experience all 4 seasons...

I Miss the Good Ole Days!

I grew up in the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. In the summer where I grew up, kids were like free range chickens. As a kid, I was...

New Electric Bike!

SO MUCH FUN! I finally had an opportunity to get out and ride my new Electric bike (Lectric XP). It was a beautiful day to get out in the...

Maui, Hawaii

As every day past, I awoke to the sound of waves hitting the sea wall just outside the condo.

Hey, let's go bowling!

Bowling season started 3 weeks ago. For the love of the game, what have I gotten myself into? I love the game, I push myself to increase...

San Antonio River Walk

In May 2018 we floated down the river through the middle of San Antonio. It was a fun journey! Good eats, people watching and relaxing.

Missouri Star Quilt Company

In September 2018 we took a trip to Missouri Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO. Check it out on my youtube channel. Just click on the image!

DIY Floor Changes

A couple of weeks ago I embarked on a DIY flooring change in my living room and hallway. The carpet was replaced with Select Surfaces...

Arkansas Sights and Towns

This is the year I am wanting to visit more areas of Arkansas to see the sights and the towns. I started exploring a bit last year. This...

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