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Hey, let's go bowling!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Bowling season started 3 weeks ago. For the love of the game, what have I gotten myself into? I love the game, I push myself to increase my knowledge of the game as well as bowling in different houses to strengthen my average along the way. So many leagues, so little time! I told myself to stay on the women's league as that's my tournament team. This year I chose to free up my weekends by putting aside the Sunday night league I'd been with for years and move to Thursday nights and a travel league that bowls 6 games, one Sunday a month. Others needed another bowler on Mondays at the lanes in the next town? Why not? What's another league a week?

In my free time, I'm going to go back on that weight loss adventure I was doing good with last summer, try to go camping at least once a month, find a certain number of geocaches a month, get some hiking & gym time in and keep up with my fall TV shows (thank you Hulu & Tivo). Then there's work and sleep. Who needs sleep when you have things to do?

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