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It Is Grand

The Grand Canyon is a big beautiful hole in the ground! I vaguely recall seeing it as a small child. Last week I had the opportunity to see it again. This time traveling from Williams, Arizona to the Canyon's south rim via the Grand Canyon Railway. The train was very comfortable, the hostess on our car was fun, knowledgeable and very personable. We took in views from one side of the car which included up to an including cows, bulls, abandoned corrals, wild mustangs and antelope. From desert flat lands to pine tree ridden hillsides. Once we arrived at the canyon, we had a few hours to roam, shop, eat lunch and take a lot of photos.

Nature almost always amazes me. As an amateur photographer, it is like a big bowl of candy that sugars me up well! I could stay out all day with my camera and lose myself and all track of time. Whether I have my phone, compact, GoPro, drone or DSLR with me, you'll find me snapping away. I prefer taking in the scenery but occasionally find that individual that I need to capture along the way. From the tiny bug or flowering plant to the majestic sunsets and canyon or ocean views. From old graves to my grand children getting caught being sweet, or their funny faces photography. It all amazes me what you can capture. The perfect shot with the empty background including no car or person is where many patience have be learned.

Finding the time to explore more while snapping the scenery is rewarding. Unfortunately, I have many photos and videos that have been taken yet go unprocessed (downloaded and shared). I don't edit most photos, rather, attempt to take the perfect shot that needs no editing. That software overwhelms me with all the options. Funny, the phone editing options are so easy when explored.

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