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Mail Woes

Email, snail mail, junk mail, other peoples mail and relevant mail. These are the terms I use, especially when I don’t keep up with my email.

I sign up for newsletters and the like when browsing the internet or registering that new gadget I purchased and then become overwhelmed with the abundance of mail I acquire. It seems recently, that every website is different with the way you can manage your email settings.

Just today, I found that I get an email every 4 or 5 days from one ‘subscription’ that I cancelled about a year ago. For some reason no matter how I attempt to cancel my free (previously paid) account on this site, I continue to receive email from them and can still login. After checking the email settings I found there is nothing checked. No, I don’t want an email each time you take a breath. No, I don’t want an email daily to change to a paid subscription that will only generate more email. The end result was to tell my email program to send the sender to junk only to have them start sending you email from another email address. It is a never ending cycle. What part of cancel do you not quite understand?

Now there are the store’s cash registers that want your email address so you may choose to print your receipt, email your receipt or print AND email your receipt when your transaction is complete. Why can’t they just take the hard earned money you gave them for their overpriced items and spit out the receipt so you can exit the store? Oh wait, you need that receipt to exit the store as you kindly rung up and paid for everything without their assistance while they played on their cell phones or had a conversation with each other. All the while, ignoring the red-light flashing because the item didn’t scan properly, which now requires their login to make sure you aren’t stealing something.

My bank, electric company and trash service rarely send me email. Credit card companies like to send ‘special offers’ to get you to purchase something with the hope you won’t pay for at least a month so they may gain those interest payments. I get both email and snail mail both for these offers which promptly get filed in the trash! I receive emails from the hair salon when they are having a sale (saving money is good) or the pharmacy when a prescription is ready (thanks for the reminder)!

Friends don’t typically send emails or letters these days, instead, you see their life play out on social media where you can then determine if they are being true as themselves or portraying themselves as bigger than life. My God-Mother used to send an annual Christmas card with a personally addressed letter that told of the year past with news of what transpired in their family in the past year. Those types of mail are always happily received! I do have a few friends that are texting but still not on any social media platforms. I sometimes envy those folks for sticking to their standards and not getting sucked in.

I could go on and on. The moral of this story: Use caution when providing your email and/or physical address and do some research to see if the company is going to fill your inbox and/or mailbox with useless information you will never read!

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