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Music To My Ears

A friend recently posted a challenge to other friends on Facebook. Here is how the post reads:

I was given a task by _________ to choose the 10 albums that “Greatly Influenced” my taste in music. One per day for 10 consecutive days. No explanation, no reviews, just album covers. Every day I will ask someone to do the same. If you aren’t interested, no problem; don’t play. Today I nominate _________.

Thankfully, he didn't choose me as one of the posers as I'm not very good about remembering to post these type of things on a daily basis. Rather than using the Facebook platform, I thought I'd provide some of the artists and albums that influenced my love for music along the way. I'll give it a try on my blog, so here goes!

Today, my choice is: Tom T. Hall | Songs of Fox Hollow

My parents influenced my love of country music and Tom T. Hall was one of the first artists I grew to know with his fun songs. I owned and played this album for many years. It was a mood thing, I guess. You just had to be in the mood to listen to these fun, goofy songs. He had a wonderful voice, and still today, I find myself singing along to his tunes whenever they cross my path.

Here is a little history behind one of his songs from this albumn:

"One day, we saw a little snake go wiggling off through the water — a little garden snake of some kind. We named him 'Sneaky Snake' and made up a story about him hugging and kissing and drinking root beer." After the kids went to bed, Hall set the story to music. Soon, he had a full album's worth of similar songs.

My love of music stretches across more than one genre to which I hope to keep blogging about. Not a resolution, rather a new habit? Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year 2024!

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