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Spring has Sprung

It’s been a long cold, gloomy winter, but it appears it’s finally over. Here in southwest Missouri we typically experience all 4 seasons in any given week during the winter months. Sometimes, within the same day. But wait, there will likely be one last blast coming at us before we are fully into Spring.

By this time each year, I’m ready for some fun in the sun, and working on the outdoor landscape on my little spot of land. Camping and Kayaking are not far behind! Just yesterday I was scoping out some spots at a campground that doesn’t open until May 1st and already have a site booked for early May!

This week has brought us weeds galore and black birds by the thousands in the yard & trees. It’s been close to 60 degrees and has dropped down into the 20’s. I’ve had the fireplace going and the next day, the front door open letting the sun come through the glass storm door with the dogs loving the sun streaming into the entry.

With these changes, it’s almost time to tune up the mowers and string the weed eater in preparation for mowing season. I personally like mowing season. It’s therapeutic and allows me to keep up/catch up on podcasts or simply listen to some music. I mow most of the land with a zero turn mower which enables me to keep the lawn looking good through early fall when everything starts dying off and it becomes ugly tree season, as I like to call it. It takes me between 2 and a half to 4 hours to mow and trim the yards.

I just love the outdoors and sun. The past few days have seen the buds starting to pop out on the tips of the tree branches and the wild daffodils are blooming for a short time. Pretty soon I’ll be looking to find some good, clean dirt and compost or peat moss to finish the gardening project I started last summer.

Spring has sprung!

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